Fünk! Kombucha

Kombucha is a sparkling, fermented drink made from sweetened tea and a culture of bacteria and yeast; often referred to as a SCOBY an acronym for a ‘symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast’.

Our production is based at the Eagle Building in Sunderland and we are the North-East of England’s 1st kombucha micro-brewery. We’ve worked (and trained) in parthership with great local business such as Brewlab Ltd. and the Estate Tea Co. in Newcastle to develop our processes and flavours. Although we did diverge very slightly from this policy when we attended a Kombucha Workshop, with fermentation experts Mannanova in Montreal, Canada in 2018!

Why not come to one of our Kombucha Workshops where you can learn how to home-brew this refreshing, sparkling, fermented tea which has numerous associated health benefits? We’ll provide all the knowledge as well as starter liquid and the equipment to enable you to start continuous brewing at home.

Fermenting Symbiotically with Bacteria & Yeast

Fermenting since 2018 using ethically sourced tea from the Estate Tea Co. in Newcastle and Gateshead. We focus on sustainability and locally sourced ingredients – fruits and herbs – and sometimes it’s just all about the tea!


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